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Headlamps: always the perfect view

Whether you're on a multi-day trekking tour, night hike or on holiday at the campsite, you need to be able to see through the night. To keep your hands free during all your outdoor activities, it makes more sense to wear your light on your head - with a practical headlamp or head torch, which are available in various designs.

At Transa, you can choose a suitable headlamps (e.g. from LED Lenser, Rubytec or Petzl) for your next outdoor trip or as a headlamp for trailrunning. It is not only the weight that is important, but also the reliable light duration of the lamp so that you are not suddenly left in the dark when you are out and about.

Headlamp: light, comfortable and reliable


If you don't want to lose your headlamps when you're out and about, a perfect fit is essential. But other criteria are also crucial to ensure that it gives you the best visibility everywhere.

You can recognise good headlamps by the following features:

  • It is very light and can hardly be felt on your head.
  • The light is bright enough to illuminate your immediate surroundings and the path in front of you.
  • The material is splash-proof (or even waterproof), robust and can withstand regular use. The light can be adjusted to different angles of inclination so that you can direct the light beam individually.
  • The light is comfortable to wear thanks to its soft yet stable attachment. Some headlamps can also be easily attached to a chest strap or cap visor using an extra clip.
  • Different light modes (e.g. red light or night vision mode, SOS mode) increase the individual application options. Several light beams (wide or focussed) are also useful. Many models have a dimming function so that the brightness can be optimally regulated depending on the prevailing light conditions.
  • The headband can be removed for cleaning or replacement. It is also adjustable in width and can be washed in the washing machine.
  • The headlamps are powered by a powerful battery. Some models can be easily charged via USB cable and set with different profiles (e.g. for light output) via an app - depending on what you are doing and how much light you need.
  • A practical mesh bag or transport bag serves as safe storage for the headlamp when you are not using it straight away.

Perfect for all outdoor activities

Thanks to a headlamp, you always have the best visibility when hiking, exploring caves or other outdoor activities where you want to have your hands free. You can concentrate fully on your activity, use both hands to catch yourself in the event of a fall and stay safe at night. Headlamps can be used in any weather, and most models can even withstand rain.

Headlamps at Transa

At Transa, you can find various headlamp models. For example, the compact headlamp with various light modes, the app-adjustable headlamp with multiple light cones, the hybrid-powered and USB rechargeable headlamp, the 200-lumen headlamp for effective illumination in proximity or the 50-lumen headlamp for emergency lighting at night. You can also find waterproof and dustproof headlamps with high luminosity, kids' headlamps and suitable accessories such as a protective case, spare battery, extension cable, belt clip, spare headband and more in our shops.

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